Marv Robson

Design Director

About Marv

Growing up the 80’s and 90’s lead to a significant exposure to the ‘golden age’ of Saturday morning cartoons and their affiliated collectables. This is where it all began, a love for graphically bold imagery doused in ideals of romantic adventures and possibilities. Leading onto comic books, computer games, soda cans and American sports logos, my obsession with glossy Americana was ingrained before I even knew what graphic design was.

Forward 20 years, now proudly representing Big Cat as the Design Director; my journey as a designer has lead me across the other side of the world (living in Sydney for 4 years) then back home to Brum. Leading Big Cat’s design studio has allowed me to influence and direct my beliefs and values through purposeful concepts. The opportunity to work on meaningful projects and worthwhile clients has lead to a new found drive and fulfilment since returning to the UK.

My initial urge (as a budding junior designer) to work for the multinational brands that shaped my childhood has been superseded through the creation of effective design and communications for the likes of youth charities, education authorities and public organisations.

What is your favourite part of your Big Cat day?

Pitching – The buzz from strutting out of a successful pitch knowing all the weeks of hard work and prep has culminated into an engaging and responsive encounter. This is what I live for, communication and purposeful engagement with likeminded people.

What is your Big Cat superpower?

POSITIVITY teamed with knowledge, experience and curiosity to craft engaging brand identities and creative campaign solutions that help our clients achieve their goals. I believe in the power of vocalising ideas – putting them out there in the universe to be realised when ready. Believe. Achieve.

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