Oliver Richards

Junior Marketing Account Director

About Oliver

What brought me into the industry? Like many young people, a romanticised view. A combination of Mad Men, offices with arcade games and old school David Ogilvy quotes sold me. Then came a University degree, a year in industry at a great little agency and a realisation that the reality was quite different (there’s no scotch in my drawer for one) but all the better for it (apart from there’s no scotch in my drawer).

Everyday I get to work with a fantastic, talented team of people, who give a damn about what they do, in a fantastic quarter of the city (Jewellery Quarter, to be exact) that Big Cat calls home. During my time I’ve been able to work with all manner of clients, from big beer brands to charities, fashion retailers to tourist destinations, learning the idiosyncrasies of each along the way. Thanks to this diversity, I’m always hungry for the next brief, the challenges it will bring and the creative solutions that will arise from it. 

To quote my original influencer Mr. Ogilvy, “play to win, but enjoy the fun”. At Big Cat, I get to do both.

What is your Big Cat primal attribute?

Organisation. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail!

What is your favourite part of your Big Cat day?

It’s not everyday I get to do this but reviewing the first round of creative with studio. Seeing a campaign brought to life (following in depth strategy development) by a group of talented copywriters / designers is up there with the best parts of the job.

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