20th January 2023

2023 Healthcare Marketing Trends

Healthcare marketing continues to be shaped deeply by technology and this year will be no different. From being able to communicate with customers from VR platforms like Meta or using data to deliver a treatment message at the exact right moment, healthcare marketing is as exciting as ever.

That’s why we have rounded up the top 3 trends we expect to see this year in healthcare marketing.

Data Driven Communications

In the world of big data, this year is going to be bigger than ever for data-driven health marketing campaigns. Whether it is identifying a healthcare gap amongst a particular ethnicity or a rise in search terms amongst a new demographic, data is going to help laser focus healthcare communications to help the right people at the right time. 

Looking for data? The NHS recently published a paper sharing their plan to improve their data capabilities and reshape health and social care with data.

Data Driven Communications

Productisation Marketing

Patients are no longer seeing healthcare as purely a service. Today, patients are looking for healthcare service products they can easily plug into their daily routines and lives. Whether it is positioning therapy treatment as a programme or virtual assistance with a healthcare query, these packaged up offerings are becoming products consumers can easily “pick up.” This move towards services becoming products in the healthcare world runs in tandem with the trend of consumers looking to take control of their own healthcare journeys and have more agency when it comes to their health. The traditional model of booking appointments and getting on waitlists is being usurped by on-demand products, downloads and virtual reality portals. 

When it comes to marketing, seeing healthcare services as products helps shape the way we position and communicate to the consumer. Creating more out-the-box marketing potential and product campaign style advertising. This ever emerging trend is going to continue to ramp up in 2023, so bear this mind as briefs come by your desk.

Productisation Healthcare Marketing

Personalisation is key

Healthcare is no longer a one size fits all approach. Today, healthcare options for patients can be highly customised to the patient's unique preferences and needs. With the services going so personalised, marketing needs to follow suit. It is critical, healthcare marketing communications in 2023 are as highly targeted and personalized as possible. Speaking directly the psychographic of the consumer and giving them exactly what they need at the right moment. 

A great example of highly personalised ads is by Ikea, who was able to custom fit messages to consumers depending on how late they stayed awake. There are lots of clever and creative ways to personalise ads (i.e. a digital billboard that changes depending on the time of day or weather outside). Using these little tricks can add a great depth of meaning to the end viewer, which is particularly important when it comes to a person's health in a critical time of need.

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