How To Influence People To Buy Your Brand
8th June 2021

Behavioural Science - How to influence people to buy your brand.

“Behavioural science is a powerful tool for marketers” - Richard Shotton

Here at Big Cat, we believe Behavioural Science should play a key part of any brand's marketing strategy. Based on robust experiments by world-leading scientists, behavioural science is essentially the study of the human decision making process. It’s why we do what we do, and how we can subsequently nudge people to make positive decisions for both parties. 

The world of behavioural science can open so many doors and opportunities for brands, but where to start? We wanted to help brands dip their toe in the world of behavioural science, especially those who may not have been exposed to it before and were unsure where to start. Our Strategist Aaron Wells recently hosted a webinar on the very topic, which focused on giving brands a taste of how behavioural science can give them a competitive edge, better ROI, and provide them with a robust marketing framework.

Aaron covered an array of areas, and talked about why claimed data can be misleading and how behavioural science can give us a more reliable way of understanding consumer behaviour.

If you want to sell more products/services, change perceptions, increase conversion rate or anything relating to getting people to do something in your business, behavioural science can help.

The webinar below only began to scratch the surface of behavioural science and what it can offer brands, but Aaron covered a few areas to help give people a better understanding of how it can be used in your business:

  • Introduction to behavioural science: how the brain really works and the science behind decision making
  • Introduction to our framework: CATERS
  • A deeper dive into some behavioural biases
  • Examples of brands using nudges to influence decisions

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