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15th September 2021

Inbox in Action - August.

Big Cat Insight - searching for your brand

  • Say hello… before they say goodbye! Prior knowledge matters in search. People consider very few brands when shopping online. Strong bias before a customer begins their online shopping journey improves a brand’s odds of being considered before purchase by 14x. For example a brand could make their paid search activity waaay more efficient with a TV-led campaign to build brand awareness.
  • Mix it up people! More than half of paid search's impact goes towards offline sales. New research has demonstrated the benefit of a mixed online and offline selling presence. Sometimes the ‘traditional’ ways are still the best!
  • And did you know... HALF of online consumers use voice or visual search?!
IIA August 2

Big Cat Behavioural Science - Starting September FRESH

Summer? Completed it. Whenever September rolls around, the kids go back to school of pastures new. And you’d better believe it because science says so too! According to the fresh-start effect, people are more likely to take action towards a goal after temporal landmarks that represent new beginnings. People feel encouraged to pursue their goals. Businesses can leverage this tendency to help nudge users towards their products and services:

  • Understand your audience’s desires and aspirations
  • Link these to your brand’s offering
  • Connect your offering and marketing to a temporal landmark (pick a new beginning - it doesn’t have to be a new year, it can be a birthday, a new month, a new week, back to school etc!) 
IIA August 1

Big Cat Business - Clever Cats

NCTU - Nottingham Clinical Trials Unit

  • We recently worked with Nottingham Clinical Trials Unit (NCTU) to try tackle the taboo around having Bacterial Vaginosis (BV)
  • Using paid social advertising on Facebook/Instagram, TikTok and Google to target females who may be suffering with the condition to offer them a chance to take part in a clinical study to test non antibiotic treatment for the condition
  • Selecting the ‘right’ kind of model and expression was important. We couldn’t portray women looking happy if they are being portrayed as having BV, so choosing images that reflect the emotion was important.
NCTU Age24 35 1080X1080 V3

WMCA - West Midlands Combined Authority

  • WMCA approached us about two different campaigns – Swift Go and the 16-18 photocard. We needed to design a campaign for each one to raise awareness of the products. They had booked out of home media and social ads.
  • We decided to hold a location photoshoot of models at various public transport stations in the city using their cards
  • The use of illustration helped bring the ads together but we had to be careful to make the final ads very different to each other due to the different audience groups!
  • An animated video was also produced for Swift Go for use on YouTube and the website.
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