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30th September 2019

Is Your Website the Weakness in Your Digital Marketing Armour?

We all know the importance of a great website, but sometimes it’s easy to forget to keep your own site up-to-date and user-friendly too. So our digital expert Sia has put together this blog post to highlight the most important and often overlooked considerations of a great site.


Mobile Friendly

As most of us know, mobile is the most popular way to go online these days, meaning your website needs to be user-friendly on mobile and visually stunning to fit a smaller screen. But beyond this, it’s important to understand that the way we use our smartphones to browse, shop and interact differs hugely compared to desktop. It’s surprising to know that some websites still aren’t designed with this in mind. Most user frustrations stem from poor design elements, whether that’s having to scroll around to find content and eventually going somewhere else, or having to zoom in and out to see pictures. A good rule of thumb is to keep it as simple and as clean as possible; an uncluttered navigation and easy-to-find content are the backbone of a great site experience. Whatever the purpose of your website, it’s important to keep the user journey in mind, as it can differ greatly on mobile compared to desktop. Design your mobile site for on-the-go users, impulse buyers, smart shoppers or save-it-for-laters and you’ll be sure to hit those conversions!
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Optimisation and Performance

Paying attention to SEO is only part of keeping your website in check, as having content that keeps visitors engaged when they visit your site is also important for boosting your ranking on Google. A good way of doing this is updating your content regularly and posting blog posts discussing relevant, current topics to keep you on top of that search page. Aside from SEO, one of the most crucial aspects of a successful website is a swift load-time and optimum functionality. Ensure images are sized appropriately and content is of good quality to keep your visitors engaged and your bounce rate low. On top of all that, monitoring your site regularly with Google Analytics and other tools can keep you updated on not only its performance but also what your users engage with the most. Assess your user journey and update your site accordingly and users will appreciate a great site experience.

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Design and Branding

Your website is your digital shop-front, so it’s paramount to keep your design on-brand and tasteful. It should be unique to you whilst keeping your users in mind first. Keeping a website clean and only supplying visitors with key information can really pay off. A good place to start is the user journey. Identify your customers’ needs and your core offerings and work from there. Visually, ensure your site has a theme and stick to it! Keep your colours and overall design consistent, as this can reflect positively on your brand.

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Getting these core considerations right provides a great starting point for improving your site and user experience. 

If you’re looking for some more top tips to improve your site, why not get in touch with us. 

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