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13th March 2019

Meet The Pride – Simon Stanyer.

This week, meet our Senior Designer, Simon Stanyer

I love working in a creative agency because… I’m forever moving, always thinking and constantly designing. The pace of agency work pushes you past your set boundaries and outside of your comfort zones. It can be both exciting and exhausting, but it moulds you into a much stronger, well-rounded and capable creative.

I find most of my inspiration from… Films, gaming and music really interest me and so inspiration will naturally feed in from those areas. In general, it doesn’t really matter what sort of creative it is, if it’s well executed I’ll pick up on it and will definitely have an appreciation for it.

My most memorable work moment has to be… Art directing a video shoot for one of our charity clients. It was a hectic day, with a really tight production schedule. In the end we were down to the wire (we’re talking seconds), but we managed to call a wrap. We pulled together as a team and made it happen, working around all of the constraints. It was superb!

The biggest thing I’ve learnt so far is… That you never stop learning. The more you know, the more you realise there is yet to learn. It’s a cycle that doesn’t stop. I think the key here is knowing your strengths and weaknesses and not trying to spread yourself too thin. There’s that saying, being a jack of all trades and a master of nothing.

The best piece of advice I’ve ever been given is… Believe in yourself. It’s basic, but it’s so true. Nobody else is able to gift you that belief, you have to dig deep and find it yourself. Some people naturally have this, others have to work a little harder for it.

If I wasn’t at Big Cat I’d be… Balancing a freelance design career as well as working on my band, Grave Palms.

After work you’ll find me… I’m usually still working on something to be honest. Either freelancing, home DIY projects or working on my band. If I am having a bit of downtime, it’s likely playing games or watching films / Netflix.

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