29th November 2022

November Round Up!

Welcoming new clients!

  • This month we’ve welcomed 2 new clients to the Pride - Medmin and SmartCheck!
  • Medmin is a healthcare business designed to transform the private healthcare world by offering a fresh approach to benefit both clinicians and patients, in turn providing relief for the NHS with regards to clearing the backlog of waiting lists.
  • Smart Check is a wicked app to help fleet managers keep track of the condition and maintenance of their fleet. 
  • We’re excited to have these roarsome brands on board!
marketing client

Umbrella Campaigns

  • It’s been a busy month for our client Umbrella, as we’ve successfully planned and executed 2 campaigns - HIV and Pharmacy.
  • We ran adshels for 2 weeks as well as PPC, a Facebook ad and some Facebook boosting for 4 weeks to raise awareness of HIV and the services Umbrella offer

The pharmacy campaign is still ongoing and involves raising awareness of where people can access Umbrella services, through 3 weeks of geolocate, an ongoing Facebook ad and some Facebook boosting.

Digital Facebook campaign

Cardinal Clinic Price Campaign

  • Cardinal Clinic, a private mental health hospital in Windsor, enlisted us to launch a campaign debunking the price of private mental health services. Using the Behavioural Science bias, the Pratfall Effect (the idea that admitting our faults makes people see them less), we created a set of ads exposing the fact that private mental health care is expensive and sharing how we get to our prices. 
  • This transparent, honest and real campaign has seen great success and curved previous negative engagement we received and turned it into positive praise from across the UK. 

We are excited to continue this strategy in the New Year with a new set of ads on social media. Watch out for them!

Cardinal Fb Ad (1)

Amy returns!

  • We’ve welcomed Amy back after a year of maternity leave and welcoming her son Tyler into the world!
  • She has had an incredible year watching her son grow up, and we’ve all been looking forward to her return to the pack. Welcome back Amy!

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