9th January 2023

Our favourite mental health apps in 2023

With the start of another year, our social feeds become clogged with fad diets and exercise resolutions. With so much pressure around this time of year, our mental health can suffer. That’s why we have compiled a list of our favourite mental health apps to help keep your mental health in check and make this the best year possible. 

Here are 5 mental health apps we are loving right now:

1. Headspace

A tried and true classic, Headspace is one of the original meditation apps. Designed to provide guided meditations that take only a few minutes a day, Headspace is a great entryway into the practice of mindfulness. In a difficult mental health space? Headspace also offers SOS sessions form moments of high intensity anxiety or stress. Fun fact: Headspace has been proven to reduce stress in 10 days, reduce negative emotions by 28%, and increase resilience by 11%. 

Headspace App

2. Thrive

Thrive is a mental well-being platform recommended by the NHS. On Thrive you can track your moods and educate yourself on the best coping mechanisms to help reduce stress, anxiety and other difficult emotions. With over 3 million years globally, it has a wide range of services and information to suit a wide range of mental health concerns.

Thrive App

3. Calm

Similar to Headspace, Calm is also an app to help you practice mindfulness, meditation, relaxed sleep and more. Calm produces its calming content in six different languages and is beloved by some of the biggest celebrities, including Harry Styles. If it is good enough for Harry, we are sold.

Calm App

4. Catch It

Different from the others on the list, Catch It helps you better understand what mental health condition you may be experiencing. With Catch It you can better understand what your symptoms may be an indicator of, while also providing expert advice on how to manage those complex emotions. Catch It is a great platform to explore and educate yourself about mental health conditions, however we recommend seeing a GP for an expert assessment and treatment.

Catch It App

5. Sanvello

Looking for more than mindfulness and meditation? Sanvello offers CBT therapy exercises to help reduce stress, anxiety and depression. The app even offers daily mood tracking to better understand your unique patterns and habits. Sanvello also offers peer-to-peer support complete with community message boards and chat groups. You are not alone and Sanvello is a great place to find support from others. 

Sanvello App

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