The Importance Of Simplicity In Campaigns
15th March 2019

The Importance of Simplicity in Campaigns.

When it comes to healthcare marketing, we have found there is a real importance and need for simplicity in campaigns.

It’s no secret that more often than not, people like simplicity (the phrase ‘simple yet effective’ is well-known for a reason). In a world full of complications and choices, people yearn for something simple, straightforward and easy.

When it comes to healthcare marketing, we have found there is a real importance and need for simplicity in campaigns. When you want to make a difference, there’s no room for confusion or losing consumers due to lack of concentration and dis-interest. Particularly within the healthcare sector, it’s far too easy to get bogged down with all these complicated diagnoses and expressions, and the real skill for marketers is the ability to reduce the complicated to the simple. The way we see it; the more people who understand the campaign, the better.

Breast Cancer Haven Campaign

At Big Cat, we have a number of clients in the healthcare sector, where we felt it was necessary to practice this simplicity rule when running their campaigns.

The Importance Of Simplicity In Campaigns 2

Breast Cancer Haven is a charity that supports women through their breast cancer treatment. The charity briefed us to create a campaign and identity supported by print collateral for their launch in order to encourage people to make charitable donations, as well as raising awareness of the charity through advertising channels so as to reach out to potential service users.

In order to capture the attention of the audience, we used testimonies from real Breast Cancer Haven service users to create a powerful yet genuine campaign. The simplicity of this idea communicates to the audience exactly what the service does, how it helps and what people’s experiences have been, in a very honest manner. This ‘does what it says on the tin’ logic is easy for people to understand and creates a good foundation for trust between the audience and the brand.

Health complications are difficult enough to deal with, while hospital and doctor’s trips are stressful and tiresome. So in order to aid our consumers, we want to make sure we fulfil their needs and make things as easy as possible for them, even if it is just in the form of marketing.

Umbrella Health Campaign

The Importance Of Simplicity In Campaigns 3

Umbrella Health is an NHS sexual health initiative from University Hospitals Birmingham. This imitative provides free and confidential sexual health services across Birmingham and Solihull. We partnered with Umbrella to create a campaign where the main goal was to raise awareness of the importance of chlamydia (and STI) testing and to increase the number of STI testing kit requests.

This campaign was a great success, as it was straight to the point and immediately informed the consumers with the information they needed. The key messaging highlighted the free service available online, in particular the STI kits, as well as the extensive range of free services on offer at local Umbrella clinics and pharmacies. These messages were presented on digital heavy channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as via radio and train and washroom advertising. This simple marketing technique ensured the message was sent directly to the target audience in an informative and accessible manner, and therefore allowed our target audience to receive the necessary information without any confusion.

ACT FAST Campaign

The Importance Of Simplicity In Campaigns 4

ACT FAST was a campaign that many of you may remember (due to it being so simple and therefore powerful), even though it was aired for the first time 10 years ago. The campaign highlights that a stroke is a medical emergency and creates a simple and memorable acronym to help make people aware and remember the symptoms of a stroke:

Face – Has their face fallen on one side? Can they smile?

Arms – Can they raise both arms and keep them there?

Speech – Is their speech slurred?

Time – Time to call 999, if you see any one of these signs.

The television and print adverts literally spell out the whole meaning of this campaign in the most simplistic and obvious style; there is no room for any misinterpretation or any confusion.

We believe in a thing we call creative clarity. Whether it’s advertising, brand and design, PR services or digital, we think the most effective communications are the most simple.

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