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31st March 2021

Nudge, Nudge, Wink, Wink: Big Cat’s Behavioural Science Workshops Get Inside How Consumers Think

2020. What can we say? We had ups and downs along with many other businesses and brands in the U.K. We saw an exceptional number of changes to how the public experience brands and how businesses innovated to survive. We here at Big Cat, were no exception. Our new partnership with Richard Shotton, behavioural science practitioner and author of “The Choice Factory”, has brought forth a fantastic workshop to help brands supercharge the effectiveness of customer communications.

Using our consumer understanding and application, or “Instinct in Action”, we have seized the challenges of last year as an opportunity. An opportunity to upskill our agency’s team in applying human insights and behavioural science to clients’ communications through leading-edge concepts, frameworks and theories.

But this is not a recent development; oh no! We’ve been shifting towards behavioural science since 2019 with a passion to be more effective for our clients’ campaigns.

Since then, Richard Shotton has created a staff training programme for us on behavioural science, as well as the awesome workshop mentioned above. To get technical for just a sec, the workshop uses an extension of the EAST framework, developed by HM Government’s Behavioural Insights Unit, on behavioural science’s application to business challenges.


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Speaking about our partnership, Richard Shotton said:

“I’ve really enjoyed working with Big Cat to upskill the team and develop this workshop that will help brands and businesses of all shapes and sizes apply behavioural science to their customer communications.”

Our behavioural science workshop determines how brands can influence behaviour change with consumer and business-to-business audiences to deliver a greater return on marketing investment. 

The workshop provides a solid grounding in behavioural science, uncovers the mechanisms for human decision making and reveals how small nudges can influence desired behaviours. We also help clients develop a suite of practical applications for their brand and a specific set of goals. What more could you want for your brand?!


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Our Founder & CEO, Anthony Tattum, wants you to know:

“The impacts of the pandemic have hit many businesses hard and highlighted that there has never been a more important time to truly understand what drives people to act and behave. The pandemic has provided the impetus and time to invest in perfecting our behavioural science approach, with the help of Richard. 

“2021 offers a crucial but exciting opportunity to gain a competitive advantage by applying expertise in behavioural science to customer communications and making campaigns more efficient as well as effective. I believe behavioural science can be a force for good, helping people adopt new, healthy habits whilst still turning a profit.”

The behavioural science workshop can be applied to strategy, creative, branding, PR, social media and digital / direct-to-consumer channels. Big Cat is on a mission to help brands get to the humanity behind the business problem and ultimately improve marketing effectiveness.

Want to get ahead of your competitors with applications backed-up by 130 years of robust, reliable evidence? Then email [email protected] or read more here.

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