March’s #MotionMondays

Friday 29th March, 2019

You may have noticed from our social media channels that every Monday we share a weekly roundup from the world of motion, where we share a piece of work or news that we’ve found particularly inspiring or interesting. So, #MotionMondays was born. We thought we’d start a monthly roundup of our #MotionMondays posts so that all of these fantastic projects can be easily accessed in one place. So, without further ado; let’s have a look at March’s intel.

New All 4 Brand Identity


DixonBaxi has teamed up with the in-house team of 4Creative to rebrand the online streaming service, All 4. As this is a bit of intel for #MotionMondays, you’ve probably already guessed that the rebrand is centered around the idea of movement. The constantly moving play bar is the key element that’s used to reflect the idea of limitless choices of TV shows to watch.

The play bar is used across all touch points from on screen to print and is the main device for framing typography and images.

‘The angle of the leading edge of the 4 is used consistently to create a sense of forward momentum and is a strong graphic element of the look. In motion, it’s fluid, slick and effortless’. Check out the full case study here.

Meet the Bookmark Characters of World Book Day

Character animation can take a really well done illustration and give it a whole new lease of life and personality.

In celebration of World Book Day earlier this month, London Studio WeCanMake teamed up with illustrator Rob Biddulph to create a series of quirky animated bookmark characters.

The collaboration came about when they were working on another project with Rob and ended up discussing his upcoming work for World Book Day, before offering to animate his characters.

World Book Day from WeCanMake on Vimeo.

FutureDeluxe Team Up with Air Jordan

FutureDeluxe wraps Oklahoma Thunder star Russell Westbrook in a vibrant, glitchy package of design and VFX for Nike’s Jordan brand in this impossible-to-ignore 30 second video, with additional post by Electric Theatre Collective.

Jordan – Why Not? from FutureDeluxe on Vimeo.

The Making of Sipsmith Gin’s “Mr Swan”

Take a look at the extraordinary level of craftsmanship invested in this spot for London Gin distillers Sipsmith by Biscuit director Jeff Low and a stop motion team whose credits include Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs and Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Be sure to also watch the ‘making of’ video, as it’s always incredible to see a stop motion film being put together and how much work goes into ‘only’ a 60 second spot.

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Written by Gareth Burns Junior Designer

Friday 29th March, 2019


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