Innovative Ways To Repurpose Content
20th August 2019

Innovative Ways to Repurpose Your Content.

Months ago, you published an informative and valuable piece of content on your website that is still highly relevant today. It was entertaining and informative; the best piece of work you’ve ever done. But time has passed and you’re worried new visitors are missing out on your hard work, buried away under new posts. So, what can you do?


A great tip is to repurpose your content into different formats, to help you reach a new audience and provide them with your old treasures. People love to share infographics and videos, so why not create some with this timesaving method? You might have a huge reach on your social media channels but not much traffic to your website, so repurposing your website’s content for social media could be a way to address this and get your great work seen by the masses. Remember, it’s important to only repurpose relevant content; otherwise it loses its value.

In this blog, we’ll talk you through some of the ways you can repurpose content –and you’ll find a lot of it is interchangeable.


Let’s say that you’ve produced a lengthy piece of written content a while ago. You could then turn this into a podcast very easily, simply by recording yourself reading it out loud. Podcasts are an incredibly popular way to learn information on the go, so this could appeal to a brand new audience. Alternatively, this can work the opposite way round – if you have a podcast, write it out and post it as a blog!

Innovative Ways To Repurpose Content 2


You can take the best bits of your long-form content and put together an email newsletter in the form of a Weekly Hints & Tips segment. Providing people with a regular newsletter that offers free help is a great way to build up a loyal following of engaged fans, in addition to gaining a large database of contacts.


If you’ve ever held a Webinar, consider turning it into video tutorials. Not everyone that wanted to listen to what you had to say might have been able to when it took place, so repurposing it into YouTube videos ensures it’s available for everyone, at a time that’s convenient for them. 65% of viewers watch more than three quarters of a video, which is far more than we can say about text-based content. You could also consider turning your video content into gifs, as social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined.

Innovative Ways To Repurpose Content 3

Graphics and Infographics

Quotes and statistics are great ways to produce shareable graphics easily. If you have a lot of statistics, these can be taken and either posted as text on Twitter, or turned into appealing infographics that can be deployed on various social media channels where they are likely to be shared.


If you’ve ever given a presentation, chances are you’ve spent a lot of time creating the perfect slide deck, only for just a handful of people to see it. Well, just because you’ve presented your work doesn’t mean it can’t be shared again, but this time with a much wider audience. Uploading your work to LinkedIn Slideshare allows web users to click through your presentation at their own pace and admire your work.

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Content Series

You can transform a particularly lengthy piece of content into a series, made up of smaller posts, especially if it’s in chronological order. This can help you schedule new content over several days or weeks and ease the burden of producing new content frequently if you’re a bit strapped for time.

Additionally, consider producing a monthly or yearly round-up of the best news articles, blogs or other pieces of content you’ve produced. We’ve started doing this in the form of our Motion Monthly blog posts, where we round-up our favourite case studies from the world of motion. You can check out our most recent one here.

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