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1st July 2019

June's Motion Monthly.

Virgin Media’s ‘Unlimiting’ TV Spot by Time Based Arts

Agency adam&eveDDB worked with visual effects studio Time Based Arts to create a new short, fun TV spot for Virgin Media promoting their Unlimited bundle.

I think it’s a really well-executed idea with some amazing work that highlights how adding some extra character and animations can really bring an ad’s humour to life.

Cilesta Van Doorn, director of brand and marketing at Virgin Media, said: “Our new creative platform draws upon our ‘Virginness’ in an irreverent and rebellious way, bringing the feeling of unlimiting to life. This is the first step on our journey to become the most irresistible brand in our market – and out of it.”

You can check out the ad here.

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GIF Collection v4 by Tigran Manukyan

Still to this day, GIFs are the best way to showcase what you can do within Motion Design in such a short amount of time. It’s always intriguing to see the boundaries of a GIF pushed and to see what is possible.

Motion designer Tigran Manukyan recently released a collection of GIFs on his Behance profile.

Check out the visuals here.

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Design Studio OMSE had a unique, playful approach to promoting their new typeface, Gattica; they invited industry professionals and the public to an interactive exhibition called Agenda 2020.

The project was worked on in between client work for about six months and took top prize in the Creative Review Annual, which is extremely rare for a self-initiated project; however, the digital judges were unanimous in their praise for Agenda 2020.

The studio wanted to explore the potential of AR and how the tech might enable us to interact with graphics in the real world, from packaging to posters.

“The project proved successful for OMSE: the agency doubled its Instagram following and reached 49,000 people with posts showcasing designs from the event. The Agenda 2020 website allows users to view designs along with footage from the exhibition, extending the life of the project beyond the event at Hoxton Arches.”

I think this is a great example of the importance of self-initiated projects as both a designer and an agency, as the rewards and benefits they can bring are invaluable. It not only allows exploration of new techniques and approaches but can also attract new work and new engagement. It’s also a sign of an agency trying to adapt to current technology. As AR is gaining more and more momentum, OSME had the initiative to learn about it and see how they could use the technology to suit their area of work.

Check out their website for the exhibition, with the video playing highlights of the best bits…

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The Tide: London’s New Creative Neighbourhood

We’ve been following the topic of place branding over the last few weeks, as we’re now seeing more and more locations starting to develop their own unique identity.

Agency Droga5 is the name behind the new exciting launch of “London’s new creative neighbourhood: The Tide”, which is a new development in Greenwich. The identity has been described as “strangely futuristic and organic” as it takes on a motion aspect to reflect the flowing curves of the Thames.

This is the first place branding example where I’ve seen motion take the forefront. Like all motion identities, it must work in a static form. The liquid-like shape always looks like it’s ready to transition into the next unique appearance, even across physical collateral like outdoor posters.

Check out the full case study here.

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