Our Story

Big Cat was formed in 2005 by Anthony Tattum and his business partner Nick Morgan. After a hugely successful early career promoting music events, launching venues and building national event brands, the pair used their entrepreneurial spirit to launch a new kind of communications agency in Birmingham.

This is how Anthony tells the story.

When Big Cat started, event and venue marketing was our core business. Our heritage of building cool and high volume club brands gave us the tools, tenacity and team necessary to respond to what our clients’ wanted – and soon we were attracting staggeringly large, loyal audiences.

It didn’t take long to realise this approach to brand building, audience segmentation, and integrated marketing communications could also be applied to other sectors such as tourism, manufacturing, restaurants and charities. So we diversified.

In the early days some larger clients only required single service solutions. Which meant every department needed to standalone. However, as I knew from my club promoting days, fully integrated campaigns delivered the best long-term results and value for clients. And that’s the direction I’ve steered us.

If we were just a PR agency or only offered advertising or digital marketing, we’d guide customers to what’s best for us. But because we’ve developed the capability to offer all marketing, branding, digital and design services to an equally high standard, we can deploy a complete mix of services to realise our clients’ objectives, not our own.

I started my career promoting club nights. That love of creating brands with the appeal to attract thousands of visitors to a place has never left me. Many of our clients in tourism and destination sectors, restaurants, and bar groups benefit from this passion and capability every day.

And its awesome that these days this knowledge is still relevant to a diverse range of sectors – and that it allows us at Big Cat to do all kinds of great work in areas such as fundraising, behavioural change, healthcare and education.

Let’s be clear

Big Cat is a no-nonsense marketing communications agency with offices in Birmingham and London. We believe in a thing we call creative clarity. Whether it’s advertising, design, PR or digital, we think the most effective communications are the most simple.

The most effective way to get to the heart of your problem is by being direct, honest and open. It’s an approach that’s helped us create hugely effective communications in sectors such as healthcare, hospitality and destination marketing. It also means working with us is about as easy and straightforward as it gets.