Creative Design

British Dental Health Foundation

Big Cat was briefed to handle design of BDHF new education resource ‘Dental Buddy’ to teach children at Early Years Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 the importance of good dental and mouth health.



  • Engage school children and promote awareness for dental hygiene
  • Create bespoke and age appropriate design including; graphics, characters, layouts and logos
  • Choose a design theme that all materials would incorporate to captivate the young audience


  • Brainstorm for creative themes resulted in a space theme
  • Relevant characters, layouts and logos created to enhance the workshop materials
  • Content was altered depending on age group targeted to appeal to each specific audience


  • Materials were created for eight different workshops
  • Characters, layouts and logos were designed to appeal to each target audience
  • Successfully promoted awareness for dental hygiene with school children

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