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Breast Cancer Haven West Midlands

Big Cat was briefed to create a campaign identity and supporting print collateral for the launch of Breast Cancer Haven West Midlands in Autumn 2017.


Breast Cancer Haven is a charity that supports women through their breast cancer treatment. The organisation provides a tailored package of emotional, physical and practical support to women throughout their breast cancer treatment, empowering them to remain independent, confident and strong. There are currently six Havens in the UK, with plans to open more in the future.


The primary objective for this project was to create a compelling and inspiring campaign identity to encourage people to make charitable donations to Breast Cancer Haven. The fundraising target was set at £600,000 – an annual target which would ultimately help run the facility that would be supporting up to 750 people annually.

In addition to the main fundraising objective, we were also briefed to identify outdoor advertising channels that would help to raise awareness of the launch of Breast Cancer Haven West Midlands in the region more generally, reaching those who could be potential service users.


Referencing the existing brand guidelines, we produced a creative campaign which focused on real life testimonies of Breast Cancer Haven service users, with the campaign centering on the headline ‘helping to find you again’.

The campaign visuals featured real Breast Cancer Haven service users alongside their testimonials, creating an emotive and compelling campaign which was featured across 6 sheets, bus rears and posters throughout Solihull and the surrounding areas.

Whilst these campaign deliverables worked to raise awareness, to help achieve the primary objective, we created a piece of direct mail collateral which was distributed to a targeted audience in the region. The main call to action for this direct mail was for recipients to make a donation to Breast Cancer Haven West Midlands, compelling them to help make a difference to the life of someone dealing with breast cancer.


Since opening in Autumn 2017, Breast Cancer Haven has been extremely well received in the region, with the service they provide quickly becoming oversubscribed. In way of fundraising, Breast Cancer is on track to achieve their annual target, and continues to use the creative to raise the profile of the brand and service to encourage ongoing donations and support from the local community.

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