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Big Cat were briefed to re-design all of nasen’s marketing collateral as well as creating a new logo to celebrate their 25th birthday.


nasen (National Association of Special Educational Needs) is a charity organisation based in Tamworth, supporting thousands of practitioners by providing relevant knowledge, training and resources required to enable staff to meet all pupils’ needs.


Big Cat were originally tasked with developing a broader, supporting creative, which would then be used to re-design all of nasen’s marketing collateral. nasen needed the new creative to have an updated and clear design whilst remaining in line with their existing identity. In addition to this, the new design concepts needed to communicate the organisation’s new tiered membership and diverse age group.

This then turned into another brief where Big Cat were asked to create a new logo and collateral to celebrate nasen’s 25th birthday.

What our clients say about us


  • Created a visual identity that worked with their current brand identity, considering the colour palette, graphics, photography treatment and the font choice which will all remain consistent throughout their collateral
  • Developed a grid-based graphic language devised of shapes and colours to reflect the sensory nature utilised in special educational needs. This involved adapting the quadrilateral shape taken from nasen’s logo with the inclusion of circles and soft-edged diamonds
  • Final artwork roll-out with the new branding on their marketing collateral, including: training packages, pull-up banners, membership applications, folders, event hand-outs, information leaflets, certificates and advertising information
  • Designed a new logo and colour palette for nasen’s 25th birthday


The new creative solution was well received by the client, as they felt it captured the ethos and personality of the nasen brand moving forwards. The response from their audience was also positive, with feedback highlighting their delight to see the marketing materials reflect the services in an upbeat and progressive manner.

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