PR Campaign

Punch Records

For two years, Big Cat worked closely with Punch Records on their various projects including; Bass FM, Bass Festival and Music Potential.




  • Promote each project or event through relative regional and national media platforms – specifically focusing on BASS festival and FM launch
  • Position Punch Records as one of the leading music development agencies in the UK
  • Develop relationships with brands and companies for later sponsorship opportunities
  • Raise awareness and footfall of the BASS Festival event
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  • Targeted various regional and national media to promote each event and project
  • Established Punch CEO Ammo Talwar as a leading entrepreneurial figure for the city of Birmingham
  • Promote Punch’s involvement with CSR and NEETs through their Music Potential programme
  • Developed relationships with brands for potential sponsorship


  • Press coverage in a variety of publications and online sources including; Audience Magazine, Live Magazine and Metro
  • Successfully promoted BASS Festival, BASS FM and Music Potential through various media channels
  • Secured potential future opportunities for Punch with various companies and brands
  • Attributed to footfall and awareness of BASS Festival and BASS FM

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