Healthcare Recruitment Marketing Campaign

Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham

Big Cat was briefed with the task of creating a 2-week Nursing Recruitment Campaign across social media and digital advertising platforms which would reach more appropriate candidates across a wider geographical area.


UHB runs the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, one of the leading hospitals in Europe, which prides itself on its reputation for having a high quality of care, clinical training and research.


  • To maximise awareness of the nursing opportunities that are available at UHB
  • To support nursing recruitment by attracting appropriate Band 5 candidates
  • Increase applications across all nursing specialties
  • Position the Trust as an employer of choice
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  • A 2-tier approach to recruitment, targeting both nurses who were actively looking for work, as well as those who were currently employed but could be attracted to a new opportunity
  • To target active job hunters, we decided to focus on PPC advertising and launched a Google AdWords campaign
  • To target the nurses who could be attracted to new opportunities, we created a multi-platform social media campaign
  • A combination of Facebook adverts and boosted posts were created, which targeted 22-35 year olds within 75km of Birmingham City Centre
  • On Twitter we utilised post boosting, as well as creating #TeamQEHB to create a common identity across the tweets
  • Instagram adverts were also used to reach out to our specific age and location demographic, as well as more specific criteria such as an interest in nursing


  • 16 people were recruited and the number of enquiries to the nursing recruitment team was unprecedented
  • 23,000 page views on new nurse recruitment website – this was a brand new website launched specifically for the campaign and promoted only via the specified social media channels meaning all website traffic was generated by the campaign
  • For the PPC campaign, the average CTR was 3.13% which is well above the industry benchmark of 1.79%
  • The best performing Facebook ad produced 2,038 website clicks and the top boosted post had an engagement of 1,400. Facebook was the most successful driver of traffic to the website during the campaign
  • On Twitter, boosted posts had a total engagement of 3,555

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