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Not-for-profit organisation Round Table briefed Big Cat to produce engaging marketing materials to raise awareness of the brand.



  • Every year Round Table produces a piece of marketing material, that is made available to Tables (local Round Table groups) across the country to purchase and either distribute as direct mail or at one of their many events
  • The aim of the piece is to raise awareness of the Round Table brand, encourage potential members to sign-up and if possible, capture data
  • The previous marketing piece produced was a beer mat that resonated well with potential members and had a high uptake with all Tables
  • As Round Table’s incumbent design and marketing agency, Big Cat was briefed to build on the success of last years beer mat. Using the same format but developing the concept to make it more engaging for potential members, whilst encouraging them to get involved with the organisation
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  • Previous iterations had always used a very direct call to action (CTA), asking potential members to sign-up. However, this may be the first contact a person has with Round Table and therefore would not yet have the high level of engagement required to convert to a member
  • Therefore, we proposed a more subtle CTA, which would encourage people to contact Round Table for more information (whilst simultaneously capturing their data). To achieve this, the beer mat needed to provide more than just a summary of Round Table and a CTA, we needed a reason for people to engage and be willing to make contact
  • To inform our execution, we conducted market research into where the previous beer mat was used to best effect, which was in pubs and bars during Round Table socials. Based on this, we presented a number of beer mat design concepts that could be used in pub games
  • We proceeded with a simple execution: a word nomination game. With a die-cut slot for coins, people receiving or picking up the beer mat were encouraged to place it on top of an empty glass and nominate a word with their friends, that has to be said before drinking, otherwise you forfeit a few coins in the glass!
  • The design plus game execution were engaging and created added-value for the beer mat. The CTA encouraged players to text a number with a special word to learn more about Round Table, engaging the potential member with the brand and bringing them one step closer to membership.


  • Awaiting data from text-in mechanic. Although uptake amongst Tables has been very positive

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