The Marlowes

Creating an engaged social community


To build a thriving social community enabling the Marlowes to keep key audiences informed about the upcoming re-developments in the centre


Local families living in Hemel Hempstead within a 20minute drive time of The Marlowes


The key starting point for this campaign was to analyse and review the Marlowes current social media platforms and activity via a detailed social media audit. This included: competitor comparison, annual statistics, engagement and best performing content. Using the findings from the audit, we crafted a 12 month plan which provided monthly content themes and directed timely and relevant posts and foresight into The Marlowes’ events combining national calendar events too. A big insight was the desire for offers and promotions so we introduced the ‘offer of the week’ post working closely with retailers to promote a selected offer each week.

Due to the popularity in user generated content and the impact it has on social audiences, we designed more social posts which focus on user generated content through competitions. We coupled this with cutting down the number of weekly Facebook posts to ensure more attention was given to their posts; these were all given a small boost behind them.

One of the largest changes to The Marlowes’ social strategy was the introduction of an Instagram account. We identified that with the number of user generated content on this platform there was a strong appetite for The Marlowes to have an Instagram presence. We employed tactics to gain organic followers and employed a follower strategy to help launch the channel.

In order to ensure we keep a close eye on the progression of our new strategy, we deliver detailed monthly reporting assisted by state of the art social tools to offer in-depth quarterly recommendations which we then act upon to optimise the platforms activity.


The program of activity is still ongoing but since the new strategy was implemented 8 months ago, The Marlowes has seen a growth of nearly 200 Facebook followers with impressions increasing by 67%. Facebook engagements has also increased to nearly 8,000 over the period, with 227 engagements in February compared to 984 in October. Average engagement per post also grew from 11.4 per month at the beginning of the campaign to 46.9 at the end.

519 Instagram followers were gained in 6 months receiving 1,100 total engagements across the posts. On Twitter, followers increased by 71 and direct messages received compared to last year increased by 40%.

Overall, general sentiment has increased across all platforms with far more positive dialogue among the social community. In addition, the ‘offer of the week’ post has become the most engaged with post each month across Facebook.

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