Event Management

Young Rewired State Network

Big Cat were briefed to help host a week long ‘hackathon’ with promising developers under 18 through the Young Rewired State network.




  • Providing event management consultancy for the Festival of Code weekend, a celebratory weekend following five days of hacks held nationally at rewired centres
  • Sourcing venues and organisation of requirements
  • Supporting Young Rewired State in the running of the event


Event delivered by The Fair.

  • Venues for young rewired state within which delegates share and celebrate their successes
  • Provision for overnight ‘sleepover’ for delegates and their parents and carers
  • Broadband and wireless internet for use throughout the site
  • The weekend culminated in an award ceremony in which the talents of Young Rewired delegates were showcased.


  • 500 young developers, some as young as 7 years old attended The Festival of Code
  • The Rewired state team invited over 300 adults to the event including mentors, volunteers, parents, carers and a panel of judges
  • 101 projects from 38 centres across the UK contributed to Young Rewired State
  • The event attracted press attention from the likes of The BBC, The Guardian, Computer Weekly and Wired UK
  • Festival of Code judges included Lily Cole, Conrad Wolfram, Aral Balkin, Jonathan Luft and Thomas Grassl and was compered by the actor Dallas Campbell

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