The Pride’s Pick of Wonderful Women to Invite to Big Cat Dinner Party

Friday 8th March, 2019

Today is International Women’s Day! This week in the office, The Pride has been talking about all of the wonderful women in our lives and who inspires us, so we decided to come together to write a blog post about which women we’d invite to a Big Cat dinner party and why.

The Queen

Helen Gaskell, Communications Senior Account Executive

I would love to invite The Queen! How fabulous would that be? I would have a look in her handbag to see what she carries around with her, I would ask her all the gossip about Megan and Harry and I would ask what she does on a daily basis. I think she’s cute so it would be just like having my Granny or Nanna at the dinner party and they are always good value, either telling stories from their past or getting their words for things mixed up, I think the Queen would be just the same, she’d be a hoot!

Caroline Lucas, Co–Leader of the Green Party

Oliver Arnold-Richards, Junior Account Director

Big fan. Throughout the previous general election I found Caroline Lucas to be a formidable presence in the leader debates. Party politics aside, her clear, concise and informed responses defined her presence in the process, as it was distinctly lacking from some of the other ‘established’ candidates. As an MP she has a history of operating with integrity, tackles the biggest threats facing humanity and truly stands up for the values of her party. However, consistently holding power to account as the lone, female representative of your party in a heavily male dominated institution can’t be an easy feat, but she continues to do so with aplomb. Props. Would love to have her at the dinner table when it comes to weightier topics of conversation!

Sylvia Earle

Emma Hamilton, Account Manager

Sylvia Earle explored the ocean like it was a playground. In 1969 she led an all-female team of marine scientists. She later founded a company with her husband that made equipment for deep sea exploration.

I’d invite her as I’d love to pick her brain on the best places to dive and the fantastic adventures she has had.

Not only a ‘clever cookie’ but a woman who has dedicated her life to exploring, adventure and fighting for a cause she believes in; protecting our oceans.


Jon Sharp, Creative Director

Cos she’s an absolute badass! Fierce, non-conforming and genuine – an inspiration for everyone to let their individuality shine. It would certainly be a dinner party to remember.

Villanelle from TV programme ‘Killing Eve’

Eliza Topham, Marcomms Intern

If Big Cat was having a dinner party and we could invite one woman along, I’d invite Villanelle (Jodie Comer) from Killing Eve. Her crazy character may be a brutal assassin, however, she’s so powerful, charming and interesting and well, crazy… it would definitely bring a bit of character and excitement to the dinner party (although we may have to remove all sharp objects and keep an eye on her at all times). Her role reverses the typical stereotypes we often see women portrayed as on television and I love her sassy, attitude (and the actress is awesome).

Tracey Neville MBE

Emily Parker, Communications Senior Account Executive

As the coach of England Netball, Tracey has drastically increased the profile of netball across the UK and encouraged more women to get involved, and as a netball player, I have benefitted from her efforts. Alongside this, as a coach she led the team to win their first Gold at the 2018 Common Wealth Games as well as winning two awards at BBC’s Sports Personality of the year.

Florence Welch from Florence + The Machine

Sophie Haigh, Communications Account Manager

I’d like to meet Florence Welch from Florence + The Machine. When I’ve seen her live she floats about on stage like a butterfly and has a real gift for music. I’d like to learn her top tips for staying so calm, energised and grounded. She’s an inspiration to all of the young girls out there who want to be musicians.

Written by Tabitha Ives Marcomms Assistant

Friday 8th March, 2019


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