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20th October 2020

Helping a leisure brand's summer heats, Cool Down.


Ah Summer. A season of sunshine, ice-cream and… exercise?! Well, you can’t blame us, this year has been a strange one, and with a slight crack of light shining through the tunnel towards easing measures, some of us had decided to commit to our health and wellbeing. In doing so, we spoke with a local fitness community, Action Pact, whose recent disruption to their City Champs event (a corporate fitness competition) at the BodyPower Expo 2020 had been put on hold due to the impacts of Covid-19.

For those who aren’t already aware, Action Pact is a social movement based in Birmingham, with the intent of becoming a national fitness community, inspiring health, wellness and fitness through a variety of different initiatives. These initiatives include everything from informational webinars (such as, The Cool Down which we will arrive at shortly) to city-wide events (such as, Summer Heats which we will arrive at slightly faster) to supporting the local community through their fundraising for LoveBrum and promotion of local Physical Trainers and Gyms.

Founder, Alex McIntosh, had recently partnered with Marv Robson (Design by Marv, Fam Collective and a former Big Cat Agency member) to build his website and create social media assets to give Action Pact an overhauled aesthetic. But with their intention to grow the fitness community on a national scale, Action Pact turned to Big Cat Agency for help in expanding their business and digital marketing, establishing themselves as THE fitness community in Birmingham.


Let’s Turn Up The Heats

With City Champs on the back-burner, Summer Heats was born! Action Pact challenged Birmingham businesses to get their colleagues, gym buddies or friends together over July and get training in teams but for each workout to be completed by individuals at home. Every team member’s individual score counted towards their overall team result and a chance to win GymShark Vouchers, Grenade Bars and Action Pact T-Shirts. It was indeed time to test those lockdown fitness levels!

Big Cat signed-up in their team of four, but we wanted to do more (pardon the rhyme). We teamed up with Action Pact and helped their social media channels come alive to promote Summer Heats and build the Action Pact fitness community. 

In doing so, we created original copy every week that promoted Summer Heats, whilst engaging Action Pact’s audience through calls to action, tagging companies and individuals to take part in challenges and getting quotes from winners on the weekly scoreboard. 

But, we wanted to go a step further with our marketing. We reached out to local businesses, journalists and personal trainers who shared our social media content, widening the reach of Action Pact’s impact. We have also initiated the “Action Pact of the Week”: an initiative encouraging the fitness community to challenge their friends to a fitness pact, complete it with a picture on their story and donate to LoveBrum before challenging someone else. This initiative continues to build and is trending in the corporate world! 

Big Cat is never afraid to turn up the heat for our clients!


Don’t Be Afraid to Cool Down

But we are also not afraid to Cool Down. Started by our CEO, Anthony Tattum, and Marketing Director, Aaron Wells, The Cool Down provided online panel discussions over summer which featured some of the biggest names and brightest minds from across health, fitness and wellness. In these unprecedented times, The Cool Down created a space for novel ideas on fitness and training to keep busy and well during lockdown.

Guests included Professor of Public Health Nutrition and Exercise from the University of Birmingham, Professor Janice L. Thompson; Professional Cyclist, Andy Tennant; and Wasps Full-Back, Rob Miller, plus many more!

This breadth of knowledge and wisdom surrounding fitness and wellbeing brought in a wide and diverse audience, as you can see from our results below. What’s more, Big Cat are hosting more guests for The Cool Down at the end of this year, but as podcasts to be listened to any time, any place on Spotify and Apple Play!

We love helping our local fitness community expand towards a national fitness movement!


Impacts from Instinct in Action

So, all of these activities are very well and good, but I bet you’re looking for some cold, hard facts. You’re a shrewd customer my dear reader; I never doubted you!

Action Pact’s social media audience grew 6.2% in just one month, social media engagements rose 45.7% and engagement rate per impression was up 1,119%. We also helped raise £500 for LoveBrum during Summer Heats and are continuing to support our local community in encouraging donations during the Action Pact of the Week challenges. These statistics are on the up as we continue our work with Action Pact and their social media channels to provide them with professional, fresh and innovative marketing content.

The Cool Down accrued 57 downloads and 111 YouTube views in just the first episode!

ROAR: What an Action PACT Adventure!

By implementing our instinct in action philosophy and supporting our local community, Big Cat have helped expand Action Pact’s marketing content, business, engagement and reach in achieving their goal of national establishment. 

We are proud to be a part of such a noble cause and hope everyone finds their Action Pact of the Week to become ROARSOME!

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