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Over our 22-year history, Big Cat has produced award-winning PR, marketing, social media, and digital advertising campaigns for a range of hospitals, clinics, gyms, charities, and other organisations, promoting positive physical and mental health.

NHS, Umbrella Health, Icletest, Cardinal Clinic, Phlo Digital Pharmacy, Nottingham Clinical Trials Unit, Midlands Engine, West Midlands Combined Authority and Clatterbridge Private Clinic are just some of the incredible health & wellbeing brands we've proudly helped.

We've created action for


The Pride's Process: Diagnosis, Creativity, Cure - 6 steps to marketing success

  1. Brief. We begin with the end in mind. If you don't know where you're going how will you know when you get there?. Let's nail down the desired outcome
  2. Planning a campaign starts with diagnosis of the problem, before we decide on the cure.
  3. Next comes strategy: how will this program deliver better patient outcomes, tangible results and value.
  4. After Reach (the number of people who see your campaign), Creativity is the biggest multiplier of ROI. Our creative campaigns speak to people's emotions
  5. Our approach to campaign management is certified, standardised and employs leading edge technology to measure performance,  drive results and efficiency.
  6. Finally accurate and real time measurement allows us to adapt marketing activity and optimise campaign performance.

Does your agency know an in-patient from out-patient, or a CCG from ICS?

When working with a strategic agency partner it's clearly important that they don't bamboozle with marketing jargon.

But does your agency partner speak your language and understand the healthcare landscape and the sector's unique challenges?

As well as patient-centred campaigns we've supported nurse and GP, consultant and clinician recruitment for many of our NHS and private healthcare clients. We've discovered that pay is only part of the package that HCPs are looking for in the next stage of their career.

We understand the need for strategic partnerships that deliver value, drive innovation, and can turn insights into outcomes.

Big Cat's team of strategists and campaign managers collaborate with our unified community of specialists to work on specific briefs. Our network of 50 senior and seasoned experts means we can select the very best team for each project. Together we apply cutting-edge knowledge, marketing technology and tools that drive innovative better ideas and outcomes.

"Working with Big Cat and Umbrella was very exciting in terms of applying metaphor research to word play and innuendo, and quite amusing too. We tested two different concepts for a campaign to run for non-profit organisation Umbrella. The results showed that the campaign using word play for local landmarks in Birmingham strongly resonated with regional participants."

Samantha Ford, Research Associate

Public health and Behavioural Change campaigns

To motivate hard-to-reach and culturally diverse audiences to choose a healthy or desired behaviour, you've got to make that behaviour easy.
We apply our behavioural science know-how to nudge, persuade and enable audiences to make better choices. There are many behavioural biases that we can lean into and improve results: social proof bias, foot-in-the-door technique, the generation effect, the von Restorff effect, scarcity and anchoring to name a few.
Whether it's safer sex, getting vaccinated, doing more exercise, checking your prostate, or getting back to work, we've taken the challenge to change people's behaviours for the better.

Do we have experience with Private healthcare, hospitals and clinics?

We sure do.

From Oncology to Mental Health our marketing campaigns have worked with hospitals and clinics across the UK driving consultant and GP referrals, engaging hard-to-reach audiences, and working with health insurance providers to engage with specific demographics.

From self-funding to insured we've increased in-patient and out-patient numbers for our healthcare clients.

Social value, net zero and innovation

Big Cat is a certified B Corporation. This means we are leaders in the global movement for an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy.
To become certified the agency passed a rigorous impact assessment of our social and environmental performance and made a legal commitment to be accountable to all stakeholders, not just shareholders.
Being a B Corp has allowed us to drive our social mission, whilst scaling our business, building an ethical supply chain, and driving innovation and value with our clients.
We've also been able to attract and retain a tremendously talented team and network of experts.

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