Launching a revolutionary pharmacy service in Birmingham


As consumers, when it comes to picking up our prescriptions, we’re quite the traditionalists!  We pop into our local Pharmacy, no doubt the one that’s the closest to our house, not necessarily the one with the best service, and we collect what we need. Convenience is key! So, what could our healthcare marketing team do to convince people living in Birmingham (yes, the target audience was that broad) that the traditional bricks and mortar pharmacy experience are fast becoming a thing of the past?

Turning Instinct into Action

Secondary research highlighted that not many people would actually recommend their pharmacy but typically stay loyal to them due to ease and convenience of location. However, increasingly more patients are realising the benefits and convenience of managing their healthcare digitally, as highlighted by the recent pandemic. Therefore, we needed to shout from the rooftops that this brilliant new service was becoming available for the first time outside of London exclusively for Brummies’ enabling them to take advantage of an exciting new pharmacy experience.

The USP of this service was that medication could be delivered same day within 4hours of ordering, so we made sure this key message was the driving force of the PR campaign. Knowing that most consumers select a pharmacy due to convenience rather than the overall experience, this was our opportunity to highlight that Phlo can provide both. Phlo combines technology with outstanding patient care to offer consumers the pharmacy experience they deserve.

We developed a media release targeting Birmingham news and lifestyle press. The Social Proof behavioural bias came into play as we demonstrated how over 20,000 people in London were already benefiting from the revolutionary service. We also sliced up the news angles to create more targeted stories for different audiences enabling us to secure coverage in a broad range of publications. Lastly, we partnered with a popular online publisher to create unique content via Instagram stories that captured the attention of Birmingham’s working professionals. This highlighted the convenience of having prescriptions delivered to your workplace.

When we found out about this service we were desperate to be the ones to tell everyone about it.

“We all know what it’s like to experience the rat race of life. Whether you’re a busy working professional, a stay at home mum or someone caring for a loved one - collecting a prescription can be a huge inconvenience. Applying our own experiences to really relate to this made us know exactly how we could tell the narrative of Phlo to the press. We’re always passionate about helping our fellow Brummies’ to make life just that little bit easier."


2.7m Reach
14 Pieces of coverage

Across radio, social media, print and online publications

7 Links generated

Through to the Phlo website, driving traffic and encouraging readers to sign up.

7.2 ROI score

The coverage garnered an AVE of more than £12,078 and a total PR Value of over £36,237

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