How many creative agencies can say they were born on the noughties dance floors of Birmingham? Our Anthony started Big Cat in the early 2000s, building cool nightclub brands and high-volume events. We’ve always known how to draw people in and influence their behaviour.

From glow sticks to bright ideas.

Twenty years later, we’ve evolved into a multidisciplinary creative agency, focussed on making ambitious* work for our 'Big Five' sectors – hospitality, leisure, retail, public service and not-for-profit.

Curiosity skilled the cat.

We're primed to get our teeth into any problem. Our curious* nature and appetite to learn is what gives us the diverse experience and perspective to help your brand, whatever your background.

Beat your own track.

The well-trodden path is easy to follow. Our fresh perspective and offbeat* approach helps you veer off the beaten track. Pave your own way, make work that creates change, and build a brand your customers want to take on their own journey.

You’re part of our pride.

We’re set up in four specialist collaborative* teams. Together, we pool our collective experiences, ideas and points of view to add value, not cost, to every project. That’s our clients and colleagues, by the way – there’s no ‘us and them’ here.

All this creates a rewarding* culture we’re proud of. Because that’s important, right? Give people the respect, trust and enough room to grow and they’ll blossom. You can find out a bit more about them on our culture page.

Our culture

* Those words in bold? They’re our values and they really do run through everything we do.

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