Our PROWL Process

At Big Cat, we are always on the PROWL for the best possible solution for your brand. That’s why we developed our signature 5-step PROWL process to ensure your marketing goals and objectives are achieved every single time.

1. Parley and partner

Our first meeting is much more than a formality. It’s the start of our working partnership and the chance to establish your true goals. The brief we create together will set us up for mutual success and be a foundation for future ROI.

2. Research and discover

With the task agreed, our research can begin. We’ll gather the data and perform deep dives into the four Cs of Company, Category, Consumer and Culture, to find the insight that will mark the way forward.

3. Objectives and plans

We’ll use the insight we uncover to develop and agree a marketing strategy designed to deliver on your objectives. It will be unique to your challenge and set out clearly how we’re going to rise to it.

4. Ways and means

Now we’ll brief our creatives to find a powerful articulation of the strategy, deploying new ways of thinking that will capture the attention of our audience. We’ll also decide on the marketing tactics that will ensure you are set up for success.

5. Learn and refine
To determine that success, we’ll set up a shared dashboard to monitor and review performance. Our partnerships with academic researchers mean we can test both strategy and creative, refining them as we go, to ensure we all stay focused on your objectives until they’re reached.

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