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COVID has changed the shape of the health and fitness industry. More people are exercising at home, starting Couch to 5k and wearing activewear for Zoom meetings (at least on the bottom half). Thankfully, there’s a team of fierce marketers, entrepreneurs and businesspeople on hand to help you get your brand fighting fit.

Our founder and CEO, Anthony Tattum, talks to creatives, founders and leaders across the health and fitness sector. Each episode features someone who’s making a difference right now. Discover how founders started their business, the challenges they’ve faced – and the solutions they’ve used to beat those hurdles. Explore what’s inspiring them now, what mantras they use to keep them ahead of the pack, and where they just might be going in the future.

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Join Anthony and Joe Clapson, Founder of Spartan Fitness London, where they’ll be reliving Spartan Fitness London’s move online during the pandemic, Fit Dad on Facebook and the programme’s national rollout with an unusual quirk… Tune in to find out more or subscribe to never miss an episode when we come back in September!


Joe Clapson Episode
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Episode 9 – Kate Peregrine, Head of Marketing, Second Nature

Episode 9 welcomes Kate Peregrine, Head of Marketing at Second Nature. As one of The Drum’s 2019 “50 Under 30”, Kate and Anthony explore her passion for working in challenger brands, her mission for healthy behaviour change and her go-to metrics for managing rapid growth at a purpose-led start-up. Listen now!

Kate Peregrine Episode
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Amanda Howard, Chief Commercial Officer of Medichecks, is our next guest on The Brand Workout podcast. Join Anthony and Amanda as they kick-off Episode 8 with Medichecks’ impressive results, plus the importance of marketing and customer care in the world of health. Don’t forget to subscribe below to never miss an episode.


Amanda Howard Episode
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Episode 7 – Ian Drever, Founder Director, Health Village Esher

Join Anthony Tattum and Ian Drever, Founder Director of Health Village Esher, in Episode 7 of The Brand Workout. Learn more about how Health Village Esher plans to adapt and grow, the shopping mall of health and be welcomed into the Health Village Esher community. Don’t forget to subscribe below to never miss an episode.

Ian Drever Episode
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Episode 6 – Marc Diaper, CEO, Gymbox

On this, the sixth episode of The Brand Workout podcast, Anthony Tattum is joined by Marc Diaper, CEO of Gymbox, to discuss his hands-on leadership style, digital fitness strategy and communicating a clear mission and vision to guide growth culture. Learn more about Gymbox’s innovating, reimagining and taking the online fitness world by storm by having a listen. Don’t forget to subscribe to the series!

Marc Diaper Episode
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Episode 5 – Lex Lambrou, Head of Marketing, Grays of Cambridge (International) Ltd.

In Episode 5, Anthony Tattum is joined by Lex Lambrou, Head of Marketing and Digital Business for Grays of Cambridge (International) Ltd.; a family-run business at the heart of some of the best-known sports brands around. Learn more about digital transformation, the North Star Metric, plus innovations for 2021 and beyond. Tune in and subscribe below to never miss an episode!

Lex Lambrou Episode
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Episode 4 - Gareth Walsh, Walsh Healthcare Consulting

On this episode of The Brand Workout, Anthony Tattum welcomes Gareth Walsh from Walsh Healthcare Consulting. Join Gareth and Anthony as they jump into the evolution of leadership, inspirations during a Medtech career and what it takes to survive in a start-up environment. Listen now!

Gareth Walsh Episode
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Episode 3- Richard Shotton, CEO, Astroten

The third episode of The Brand Workout welcomes Big Cat’s very own partner, author of The Choice Factory, CEO of Astroten and Behavioural Science Practitioner, Richard Shotton. Quite the intro! Richard and Anthony dive into the world of behavioural science to bust myths on uncovering and applying “nudges” to your brand and business. Grab your headphones and listen with us!

Richard Shotton Episode
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Episode 2- Kirsten Lord, Founder, PhysioMedics

Kirsten Lord, the founding wizard behind PhysioWizard (the world’s first clinically-validated digital triage platform), discusses with Anthony her journey developing a pioneering piece of technology from scratch, including, the product journey, the challenges she faced and what the future holds for the brand. Click play and come on in!

Kirsten Lord Episode
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Episode 1- Chris Banks, Brand Director, FIIT

Join us for the first episode of The Brand Workout where Anthony Tattum interviews Chris Banks, Brand Director at FIIT (the UK’s #1 rated fitness app), about Chris’ ambition to create the world’s best fitness tech brand. Discover Chris’ creative methodology, leadership mantra and the challenges of building a global brand whilst creating a culture for creativity to flourish. Listen now!

Chris Banks Episode
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