Our instincts and actions.

  1. We’re constant students of human behaviour.
  2. We get out in the real world, ask real questions and talk to real people.
  3. We value good values and only work with brands who share our vision.
  4. Our people have a voice and a view, adding value not just to us, but to our clients.
  5. Diversity and inclusion makes all the difference.
  6. We believe creativity lies in the space between your head and your gut.
  7. Life’s too short to work on projects we don’t believe in – so we don’t.
  8. We listen before we put our instincts into action.

We have a “heard mentality.” Making sure you feel heard every step of the way from briefing to results reporting. Through our client-centric 5-step PROWL process, we ensure your marketing goals and objectives are achieved every single time.

Our process

Meet the Pride

Put a face to the name. From curious cubs to even curiouser adults, we’re a close-knit team so you’ll probably meet us all at some point.

Big Cat Team Culture Anthony

Anthony Tattum

Founder and CEO

Dad jokes. Fountain of knowledge. Makes the boat go faster.

Big Cat Team Culture Aaron

Aaron Wells

Strategy Director

Fitness fanatic that shakes up strategy like he does protein shakes. Think Tom Cruise in Cocktail. But a lot taller.

Big Cat Team Culture Christie

Christie Buet

PR Communications Director

From the UK to Australia and back. Always ready to walk a mile in your shoes.

Big Cat Team Culture Amy

Amy Marsh

Marketing Senior Account Manager

Nicest person in advertising. Started a swear jar when she was 11. Today it has a total of £1 in it.

Big Cat Team Culture Sammy

Samantha Ford

Cognitive Linguist Researcher

Writes words. Reads words. Writes research papers on how the words that people read make them feel and behave.

Big Cat Team Culture Lily (1)


Head of Barketing

Fully fledged member of the dream team. By dream team we mean she spends most of her day dreaming of lunch time strolls with the team.

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