Let's talk about sex, baby.


Big Cat's health marketing specialists have been working with University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust since 2015 improving awareness, access and engagement with sexual health service, Umbrella.


Regional sexual health service, Umbrella needed to raise awareness of their STI self-sampling kits in the Birmingham area. A brilliant service enabling people to test for STIs in the comfort of their own home, post the kit back and receive their results by phone or text.

Turning instinct into action

Our research demonstrated that talking about sexual health openly is a key part in reducing the spread of STIs. A campaign that people would talk to their mates about without feeling embarrassed would help spread the message. We also know a few things from behavioural science. Firstly, the generation effect. This is a phenomenon where information is better remembered if it is generated from one's own mind rather than simply read. It's why adverts work better when they make the viewer do a little work. Secondly, we like humour. Laughing releases feel-good endorphins. And finally, the cocktail party effect. Familiarity can help attract attention from the local audience – making it relevant to them.

"Working with Big Cat and Umbrella was very exciting in terms of applying metaphor research to word play and innuendo, and quite amusing too. We tested two different concepts for a campaign to run for non-profit organisation Umbrella. The results showed that the campaign using word play for local landmarks in Birmingham strongly resonated with regional participants."

Samantha Ford, Research Associate


50% Increase in kit orders

Compared to previous months. The most ever ordered in a single month.

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