On The Move in Solihull

In 2022, Solihull challenged Big Cat to help them launch their new campaign - On the Move - a year-long campaign encouraging borough residents to increase their activity levels and be “on the move’. 

Through the campaign, Solihull looked to showcase free and simple ways residents can utilise the activities and resources in their own backyard to improve both their physical and mental wellbeing.

The challenge

Getting residents more active is no easy feat. For this campaign it was critical we understood the different audiences and their barriers to getting more active. 

Whether it is someone who is disadvantaged or has a physical barrier to getting active, ensuring we have the right message for the right person is critical to success.


Show that exercise doesn’t have to mean going to a gym or playing a sport. All that matters is you get moving, even if in a small way. 

That’s why we encourage residents to ditch the excuses, get up and get moving. There is opportunity all around you, So Go!


Across social (Instagram and Facebook) and OOH advertising across the campaign period of January 2023 we achieved:

960k OOH Reach

32 poster sites and and bus rear panels

779k Paid Social Reach

1x month on Facebook

2,884 Clicks

From paid social ads

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