Increasing Booster rates amongst Pakistanis in Luton

The challenge

New NHS survey data showed that booster vaccine rates amongst Pakistani communities in Luton were staggeringly low. In fact, the rates for Pakistanis who go on to have the booster were lower than any other ethnic group.

Approach and Strategy

With such a specific target market, we conducted primary research (interviewing Pakistanis across the UK) and secondary research (reviewing data, case studies and culturally relevant articles) to understand potential ways in and a message that would resonate and create behaviour change. 

Through our research we identified protection as a key value for Pakistanis and used this as an anchor for our campaign to develop the following strategy:

Insight: The booster jab may protect Pakistanis from COVID-19, but if they don’t get it, it is powerless. 

Get: Pakistanis (35-65) across East England who proudly protect their families, community and traditions everyday. 

To: See getting the booster jab as the ultimate act of protection for themselves and their family.

By: Showing them the real hero of the vaccine rollout isn’t just the vaccine itself, but those who rally their community to get it. 

Creative Concept

Although the Pakistani community is not getting the booster, the initial hurdle of getting the first two doses was cleared. That’s why we created a concept that aligns their past behaviour with their key cultural motivator of protection.

That’s when we came up with the concept “Protecting our community is in our blood”. A nod to the continuation of a previous behaviour (as the COVID vaccine is already in their blood) alongside the key motivator for keeping up with the vaccine - continued protection of themselves and those they love.

Reaching our audience

With such a focused target demographic, we put together a media plan comprising both offline and digital activities where our target is most likely found:

  • Pakistani Radio Stations: worked with Inspire FM and Diverse FM (Pakistani community radio stations) to develop and disseminate our ad 
  • OOH: Purchasing poster site placements within close proximity to mosques in order to capture footfall from that community 
  • Paid Social: Through a mix of owned creative and Pakistani influencer-generated creative, we executed a highly targeted Facebook and Instagram campaign. Our influencers shared content about the importance of protecting your family with the booster vaccine. One influencer showcased a conversation with his grandmother about the importance of getting boosted. 


Through all channels over the campaign period (October to early December) we secured a total of over 2.5 million impressions and 6K click-throughs to the website. On Radio, we received positive feedback with our ads inspiring listeners to call-in or message the radio stations to let them know they received the booster and appreciated the reminder.

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