Pretty good for a pee, right?

The challenge

Prostate, kidney and bladder cancers claimed 22,000 lives in the UK last year. The IcleTest is a do-it-yourself, home test for men, to instantly detect invisible traces of urine in blood. The product acts as an early warning sign of potentially serious diseases, such as prostate cancer.

The brand had been relying on celebrity and influencer video content for some time, however needed professionally shot video content to be used across owned and paid advertising channels. The challenge was finding a trustworthy and credible voice to be the face of IcleTest.

Turning instinct into action

IcleTest has worked with Dr Hillary Jones, so naturally we started our talent search by reaching out to various celebrity doctors. However, we wanted a specialist who could talk credibly about men’s health – to apply the messenger effect (a behavioural insight). Through a referral from our client, Medmin, we found our perfect person – Consultant Urologist and Honorary Senior Research Fellow, Keval Patel!

The next thing was writing a script and designing a storyboard for a video shoot to be used across advertising channels. The product itself can only detect invisible traces of blood and is in no way a ‘cancer test’, so we had to craft the words carefully.

It was important for the tone of the video to be warm and relaxed, not stuffy or clinical. After all, men take the test at home, not in a doctor's surgery. That’s why we chose a homely location, using cues and props to reassure people how easy and convenient it is to take a test.

And finally, we had to consider our message: educating people, but also creating an ad that people took notice of, became more aware of, and eventually bought the product!


After a busy day’s shooting on location, we produced 10 edits ranging from short pre-rolls to longer versions, for use across social media platforms.

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