One pee could save your life

The challenge

IcleTest, an instant at-home urine test that detects invisible blood in urine, an early warning sign of potentially serious diseases, such as prostate cancer, needed more upper funnel awareness to drive consumers to their website for purchase.

New to the market, we identified an auxiliary challenge of credibility. We recognised that it wasn’t enough for people to know about us, they had to trust us. Especially considering it is a medical device. Through this two-pronged approach, we knew we could maximise conversion when flowing people through to the website.

Turning instinct into action

That’s why we suggested a PR campaign leveraging endorsement from Dr. Hilary Jones MBE to provide 3rd party credibility, while also opening doors to national, large-scale reach, coverage opportunities.


We secured coverage for IcleTest in Express, OK! and MyLondon resulting in over 100 million impressions. Further, through back links on each article to, we were able to generate the largest sales days recorded for the company on days the articles went live.


100m Impressions
3 National articles

in Express, OK! and MyLondon

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