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11th August 2021

Inbox in Action - July.

Big Cat Insight - What’s working in Travel?

  • The tourism brands who are off to a FLYER allocate 61% of their budget to digital media and just 15% of media budgets to TV – less than almost every other category.
  • We have the TRAVEL BUG back! Searches for hotels, flights and destinations grew for the first time in March 2021. Brands must ensure their strategies capitalise on pent-up demand.
  • Content is still king. Virtual experiences and immersive online content still ride SKY HIGH for brands competing to capture a traveller’s attention.
  • Sustainability has TAKEN OFF - travel companies should work together to urge responsible travel and avoid over-tourism.
  • Rebuilding industry trust is key as we become more open to travelling post-COVID. Clear hygiene and safety measures and booking flexibility are a must - or say BON VOYAGE to uncertain customers.
IIA July

Big Cat Behavioural Science - Getting your foot in the door

  • Sometimes we try to encourage consumers to change their behaviour in big ways - but is this right? The ‘foot-in-the-door technique’ shows us that if you want to change people’s behaviour in a big way, don’t try and do it all in one go

  • Do decide what the smallest possible thing is you can ask people to do or change, and start with that! Then follow up with any larger tasks 

  • Don’t expect consumers to change their habits at your word. This rarely works and may put them off your brand for good! 

Iia July 2

Big Cat Business - Clever Cats

MHPP - Mental Health Productivity Pilot

  • We recently launched a campaign for the Mental Health Productivity Pilot where we were encouraging people to have more open and honest conversations about mental health at work. Sharing really is caring!
  • The key is encouraging EVERYONE– employers and employees to talk more. Because we know from research that talking can help those who are struggling.
  • We’ve launched a paid media campaign across:
    • Out of home D48 and D6 in Birmingham and Leicester
    • DAX Radio
    • Paid social (LinkedIn and Facebook)
    • Google AdWords
  • Tools, resources and information on workplace mental health can be found at
General Social Media – Landscape 2

Royce Campaign

Launching a paid social media campaign that celebrates the feeling of being comfortable. It’s not a lot to ask, right? But when it comes to lingerie it often goes unsaid. The effect a well-fitting, comfortable bra can have, both physically and mentally is powerful. And for that reason, this wasn’t about the aesthetic of the product but the outcome of wearing it...

...that ‘braaah’ feeling.

We shot the campaign with real Royce customers, in their own clothes, Royce bras underneath, in-the-moment feeling themselves. Whether struggling to find bras that fit at an early age, becoming mothers and only ever having one hand free or having undergone surgery because of cancer, these women found Royce for different reasons but they’ve all never looked back. A testament to the work that goes into the product. Read more about the case study here!

Digital Advertising Marketing Campaign

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