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14th July 2021

Inbox in Action - June.

Big Cat Insight - 'Restrictions, routines and recommendations as consumers and brands right-size their behaviour'- WARC Exclusive

  • The long road back to the ‘old normal’ - In May, visitors to high street retailers in the UK was at 95% of pre-COVID benchmarks. Similarly, ONS also reported top-notch retail sales
  • The Halo Effect - The reopening of parallel verticals (e.g. pubs, cinemas, gyms) as well as the return of routines (e.g. the school run) coincided with a whopping increase in store visitation!
  • The Role of Geography - The development that has really boosted visitation sky-high is the stellar rollout of the vaccine in the UK. It’s important for brands to think about their localised media strategies!
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Big Cat Behavioural Science - "How to nudge customers to explore more dishes without having to offer discounts or reduce margins"

  • Find out here how some shrewd behavioural and design changes helped to increase the average spend per head at a select number of Mitchells & Butlers establishments. M&B's menu redesign was centered around 3 key areas:
    • Major menu declutter!
    • They asked themselves why someone may not buy their product and addressed this on the menu.
    • Flamboyant and descriptive language.
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Big Cat Business - Clever Cats

Creativepool 2021 Annual Awards

GOOD NEWS! Our wonderful team have been shortlisted for a Creativepool award for our work with University College Birmingham. Great job you clever cats! There’s a “People’s Choice award” whereby people can vote for their favourites. If anyone is feeling super generous we’d REALLY appreciate your vote! The entry was the 'Student recruitment campaign' for UCB under the ‘Social’ section on this page.

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Royce Campaign Teaser

  • We've had some super success on our Breast Cancer Awareness and PPC campaigns with Royce, Big Cat are now planning a campaign that empowers women to choose comfy bras whilst positioning Royce as ‘all day comfort’. 
  • We recruited Royce customers rather than models for a photo and video shoot and the video shoot interviewed the women, asking them how Royce bras made them feel
  • The campaign will go live at the end of July on paid social and paid search. We can't wait to sprinkle some more Big Cat magic!

PR Campaign - Dishoom Birmingham

  • Big Cat have recently shared how we brought a well-established brand into the centre of Birmingham, creating a unique narrative by combining the "city of a thousand trades" history of Birmingham with the bustling Bombay markets. 
  • Social Proof played a key role in the planning. Extensive media lists for the releases pre-launch were created, and we made the PR Manager the face of Dishoom’s media. Whether mediamarketing or industry, EVERYONE in Birmingham knew Dishoom was set to arrive that Spring.
  • Combined with exclusive London-based press event and cookbook press drops we are delighted to see how Dishoom Birmingham has flourished despite the circumstances of their launch around Covid and were glad to help such a thoughtful brand.
  • Stats like 65 pieces of coverage, 169m campaign reach and 59 press reviews post-lockdown make for pretty reading.
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