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12th October 2021

Inbox in Action - September.

Big Cat Insight - The Time is NOW for a Challenger Brand Mindset

  • Challenger brands have been positioned perfectly for the last 18 months, because they thrive in an unsettled environment.
  • Challenger brands are known for looking at new ways to do business, and that affects their ability to adapt and connect with customers.
  • Established brands need to compete on their terms, and not vice versa. Challenger brands can solve a problem that has often been overlooked by established players.
  • Size… doesn’t matter! Though usually small in size, what makes a brand a “challenger brand” is its ability to have an open and malleable mindset – not its size.
  • Challenger brands have disruption in their DNA, but established brands will find they can compete and keep their heard fought for consumer by altering their own genes.

Big Cat Behavioural Science - Relativity of a Bargain

  • Consumers don’t have a fixed conception of good or bad value. Instead their perception of value is relative, and therefore the idea of a bargain is created in this way.
  • By changing a brand’s comparison set, you can successfully shift a consumer’s willingness to pay for a product. This behavioural bias is known as price relativity.
  • Price relativity helps to explain how a brand like Nespresso has been able to expand their audience, even though they continue to charge up to 10x more than their competitors.
  • Read more about a simple bias that can make your brand seem of far greater value here!
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Big Cat Business - Clever Cats

Creativepool Top 10!

  • Summer may be coming to an end but the time is NOW here at Big Cat Marketing Agency. We have been busy cats these last few months and are incredibly proud to share some of those achievements with you all!
  • A couple of weeks ago Big Cat was listed in the top 10 Marketing Agencies in the UK. On top of this, Big Cat was the only Birmingham based agency to be listed. Go team!
  • It’s not been the easiest 18 months for any agency in the UK, and we are super proud of how our team have handled themselves and their clients during this rocky period. To come out the other side with a smile on our faces and a ranking like this makes all the hard work worth it!
  • Check us out here!
Big Cat News

Phlo Pharmacy

We have also been working our butts off with some exciting new clients including Phlo Pharmacy. In June, Phlo approached us to create a PR campaign that would raise awareness of their Birmingham launch. We co-developed the following project objectives:

  • Drive wider awareness with key audiences using tailored messaging across segmented media to create cut-through
  • Generate media coverage – earned via local news outlets
  • Increase demand - Drive engaged users through to the Phlo site for more information and encourage sign-up

With 14 pieces of coverage across radio, print and online publications, plus social media it has really helped to carve out an initial interest in the service across the city. It has also helped to build the brands relationship with various media contacts which can be leveraged in the future!

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