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7th October 2020

We won a thing!

Back in the Summer of ‘19 we were care and covid free (remember those days?), working hard on launching a new restaurant in Leicester that was set to create a bit of a storm. Two levels, five rooms, a big name chef and a menu that represented the culinary delights India had to offer from top to bottom, coast to coast. So launching it should’ve been straight forward enough then, ay? Well, that’s where this story begins.

As anyone in the hospitality world knows, it’s not quite as simple as 'build it and they will come'. Creating a bubbling balti bowl of anticipation was vital to make sure the opening was a roaring success. With the interiors under construction, the chef’s name under embargo and the menu under careful consideration, we needed to get creative.

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Tandem was unique in two ways – the chef and his mouthwatering menu and the breathtaking interiors. There is art to great cookery and interior design so with this in mind, we expressed the Tandem experience through our own art. Working with the incredibly talented duo Ernest Otoo and Andy Pilsbury we created a series of attention grabbing images. Each translating the textures, materials and colours of one of the uniquely themed rooms of Tandem into a piece of art. These images were used on the hoardings of the venue, website and social media channels to build anticipation while everything was still under wraps.

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So, the thing we won?

We entered the work into the Creativepool Awards. Positioned as the industry’s ‘most’ award, Creativepool say they are the most distributed, most voted, most shared, most collaborative and most carbon-positive. And those last two align very much with our values here at Big Cat.

From over 2,500 entries only 187 were awarded and we’re properly proud to have received a Bronze. A testament to the hard work and dedication of the pride and what creative collaborations can achieve when given the room to thrive.

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