Inbox In Action February Photos
2nd March 2021

Inbox in Action - February.

The Brand Workout

We are super excited to launch our podcast The Brand Workout- with episodes now live! Big Cat CEO Anthony Tattum sits down and chats with health and fitness entrepreneurs and business leaders, where they share their insights and secrets to their brand’s success. Each episode features someone who’s making a difference in their field right now. Subscribe to discover how founders started their business, the challenges they’ve faced – and the solutions they’ve used to overcome those hurdles. We explore what’s inspiring them now, what mantras they use to keep them ahead of the pack, and where they just might be going in the future. Our first week kicks off with Chris Banks, Brand Director of FIIT, Kirsten Lord, the Founder of PhysioMedics™, and Richard Shotton, CEO of Astroten. Sign up here to subscribe to the pod!

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Ringing our Bluebell

This year saw Big Cat partner up with Bluebell! Bluebell has reinvented the baby monitor to make parenting simpler with real-time alerts. We can’t wait to help share their multi-award winning Smart Baby Monitor with the world through our digital marketing programme. Watch this space to see how we turn instinct into action!

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Hospitality Launch in 2021

The new year saw the agency put their creative and strategic brains together for a new client in the hospitality industry in Leicester. We have been hard at work, focusing on the branding, creative, launch and marketing communications. More information to follow in the coming months on this awesome new addition to the great city of Leicester!

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Making It Easy

Don’t you love when life is easy? So do we! Yet professionals within our industry and in-house marketing brands seem to over-emphasise the need to change people’s motivations. The truth is, if someone doesn’t want to do something, you’ll be hard-done-by to change their minds and, more importantly, it’s ethically unsound. Look instead to making decisions easier for your consumers; a decision that can be made automatically. The ease of this action will make your audience feel more positively about your brand. What may seem miniscule hurdles can have an overwhelming impact on behaviour change.

B. J. Fogg from Stanford University suggests that, in order to see the enactment of behaviour, a consumer must experience three constituents concurrently: Motivation, Ability (ease of doing) and a Prompt (a trigger). Should even one of these elements be absent, then Fogg states the behaviour will not come to fruition. Remember: Give your prompts positively to keep people thinking positively of your brand. Provide a reciprocal journey on this road to making it easy.

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