Inbox In Action March 2021
14th April 2021

Inbox in Action - March.

Big Cat Insight- Retail is BACK!

With non-essential shops now open across England, Big Cat has used industry insight, collated by At The Local, to delve a little deeper into what the industry can expect, as well as what customers have missed the most (so all of you retailers can predict what they might do).

  • More than 1 in 3 people say they are most excited to return back to non-essential retail - increasing to 50% for Londoners and those most exposed to OOH
  • In-store browsing is what consumers miss most, followed closely by being able to get what they want there and then
  • 63% of consumers will be heading to the high street to do the majority of their shopping
  • Shopping centres are the second most popular destination for 37% of all consumers
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Big Cat – Behavioural Insights

Since Big Cat’s new partnership with world renowned behavioural science practitioner Richard Shotton began, we have been running our fantastic Behavioural Science Workshops to help brands and businesses supercharge the effectiveness of their customer communications. To give you a taste of behavioural science, here is one bias our research team focused on last month with the opening of non-essential retail on the horizon:

‘Peak End Rule’ 

  • Generally, we mere mortals are unable to remember every moment that happens to us - so to help us out, our brain creates snapshots, and thankfully, heuristics can explain why certain moments stick.
  • The 'Peak End Rule' stipulates that we evaluate events based on only two parts of our experience – the peak and the end. The peak refers to the moment of strongest emotional intensity during the experience and the end is simply how the experience, well… ended!
  • With Covid restrictions potentially giving shoppers a more diluted retail experience, brands should think about isolating a single moment in the customer experience. Ideally, an exceptional moment at the end of the retail journey, to keep customers coming back whilst restrictions exist as they do.

Go through your customer journey and identify your peak moment (can be good or bad), work on making them positive peak experiences, and end on the highest possible note.

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Big Cat Business – Clever Cats


  • The Mental Health and Productivity Pilot (MHPP) is a three-year programme, funded by the Midlands Engine until June 2022, to support employers in improving workplace mental health across the Midlands Engine region.
  • Big Cat have been appointed to create a campaign, encouraging and supporting employers and employees in having open and honest conversations around mental health at work.
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UCB Campaign

  • We recently launched our campaign for UCB to help them drive college applications in a time of increasing uncertainty for students in their mid- to -late teens. We wanted to help UCB reach both the students and their parents, who would still have an influence over their children’s education. We developed compelling creative and messaging to encourage students to “Level Up” their ambitions.
  • The campaign is being rolled out across display ads, Facebook, TikTok, Spotify and OOH
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