15th February 2023

Our favourite 2023 Valentine’s Day campaigns

This year, many UK brands went all out on their Valentine’s Day advertising campaigns. A great time of year to get noticed in the media, Valentine’s day ad campaigns are no longer limited to classic romance-based products like Hallmark cards and Giradelli chocolates. Instead, brands from all walks of life are getting in on the occasion to win consumers' hearts this Valentine’s Day. 

This year was no expectation, with tons of creative advertising campaigns put out in the market, there was a whole heap to choose from. Here are are top 3 favourite UK Valentine’s Day advertising campaigns in 2023:

Walkers Heart Shaped Crisp Valentine's Day Campaign 2023

Walkers heart-shaped crisp

There have been countless reports of people finding unique shaped crips over the year. Whether it was a crisp that looked like the US state of Texas or the video game icon PacMan, Walkers knows people love a good look-a-like crisp moment. That’s why this year, they snuck in heart-shaped crisps into their packets and offered up to 10 people a £1,000 reward if they found one. This social media campaign is a clever Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt that had you wanting to run to the store to find the golden heart.

Lindt Valentine's Day Stunt 2023

Lindt break in an emergency

Lindt chocolate knows there will be last-minute Valentine’s Day shoppers this year who wait until the last minute to get their special someone a gift. That’s why they put up emergency chocolate stands across the UK for anyone in a Valentine’s Day emergency. These “Break for Emergency Bliss” boxes allow you to grab a pack of their new Blood Orange flavour Lindt LINDOR chocolates and be a Valentine’s Day hero. This PR stunt campaign took things one step further, partnering with influencer and Love Island fan favourite, Davide Sanclimenti, to promote the campaign.

Divert Valentine's Day Name A Bin Lorry 2023

Name a bin lorry after your ex

In an absolutely hilarious turn of events, one company got in on the Valentine’s Day action no one could have ever expected - a waste-management brand, Divert. Their campaign, “Name a bin lorry after your ex” took a less rosy and romantic outlook on Valentine’s Day by focusing on those who wanted revenge. In the campaign, through their website you can request the name of your ex to be put on a bin lorry, which would then be printed on and road around the city. This cheeky campaign played on the insight that not everyone is happy to see Valentine’s Day come around and so, why not let them indulge in a little playful revenge fantasy. 

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