9th March 2023

Our Favourite International Women’s Day Campaigns

This International Women’s Day we were excited to see campaigns with real substance and pushing forward women’s rights. There were lots of brands who joined the conversation, but three stood out to us this year. Here is a roundup of our favourite International Women’s Day advertising campaigns…

1. Double Standards, by CPB London

This clever ad campaign by CPB London showcased the double standards women face everyday. Through posters put up in London, CPB showcases how we unfairly view identical traits as a positive for men and a negative for women. Using stark examples such as player vs. slut or passionate vs. hysterical, these powerful statements highlight our society's hypocrisy and need for true equity and equality. 

CPB London International Women's Day Campaign

2. Her For She, by Hershey

In Canada, Hershey launched a clever campaign for International Women’s Day using a word play on their brand name “Her” and “She”. Through the release of limited edition bars called Her for She, instead of Hershey, they profiled powerful women making an impact on the world. 

Hershey International Women's Day Campaign

3. Bad Sh*t to Good Sh*t by Miller Lite

This cheeky advert reveals one of the biggest historical fallacies of our time - the idea that men invented beer. Did you know, women actually invented beer? This fun fact became the basis for Miller Lite’s International Women’s Day campaign whereby they took old, sexist, beer commercials and reimagined them to celebrate and give thanks to their women founders. A fun and playful OLV, you have to watch!

Miller Lite Interional Women's Day Commercial

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