20th February 2023

The Peak Performance event and values session

We kicked off January 2023 with a Peak Performance Event. Joined by Ian Milton and Major General Paul Nanson CB CBE at Coaching Centered Leadership, we hosted an event for both staff and clients at the Council House in Victoria Square. We discussed all things performance, and how to develop the next generation of leaders through your team, as well as a staff session on generating some values as a team to really resonate with everyone in order to live and breathe what we stand for.

We have picked out three key learnings from both the Peak Performance Event and our first-ever values session that will enhance your team and get the best out of the work environment.

Peak Performance

1. Embracing all conversations - positive and negative

It is critical to be able to have direct and difficult conversations with each other within the team. This eliminates needing to involve further senior members of the team, giving them the space and time they need to perform at their best and lead the business to success. It’s important to recognise not all conversations will be easy, but being aligned as a team will create an open environment to share opinions and voice concerns to ensure everyone is on track and able to complete the task at hand.

Peak Performance 2

2. Allowing for an open, honest environment

This follows nicely on from the previous point, in that a good open and honest environment really is the way forward. It is essential to create an environment where staff members can reach out for help and discuss any potential issues, because shutting off can lead to mistakes being made further down the line. Being able to listen, support and provide solutions to certain situations will nip these mistakes in the bud and therefore in the long run create a space where performance is optimised and people feel like they’re in a position to reach out for some help.

Peak Performance 3

3. Create your values together

During our staff session of creating values together, we were really able to delve into the importance of values within a team, what these actually mean to us and how they resonate with the business. Rather than being given set values to adhere to, we really benefited from discussing as a team what each value means, how we can live and breathe them and how this fits in with the work we do day to day and the way we communicate as a team.

It is also super important to not only create these values as a team, but to offer regular reminders and rewards for living and breathing the values in order to keep them at the forefront of everyone’s minds so they aren’t forgotten over time.

Peak Performance 4

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