Work in health, fitness and wellbeing marketing?

COVID has changed the health and fitness industry in a big way. While some brands have seen real gains, others are looking to bulk up their bottom line again. 

If you're a marketer, our white paper will help you get to grips with the changing shape of the sector. The key take outs from our research & insights are to:

  • Facilitate a strong digital connection with customers through online community hubs and on-demand content
  • Promote the positive impact exercise can have on people’s mental health, and how they can use exercise to manage their mental health in addition to their physical fitness
  • Have a ‘hybrid’ health and fitness experience combining bricks-and-mortar with digital will appeal to a larger customer base
  • Expand your product and service offering to meet new consumer demand
  • Position your brand as a reliable source of health information
  • Subvert category norms by being distinctive, a scientifically proven way to get noticed

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