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1st September 2019

August's Motion Monthly.

Nicos Livesey Reveals Conditions of “The Deal” for Adidas

Blinkink Director Nicos Livesey travelled all across the planet to film football icons including Lionel Messi, Paul Pogba, and Mohamed Salah to create striking animation for this Adidas campaign in-camera using stop motion, which is mad as it doesn’t look like that’s the case at all. The transitions between the different players and languages are executed really nicely.

Agency Iris and Blinkink produced over 300 different assets for the campaign, including films for each player narrated in their own language to run on the players’ social media channels, which have raced up more than 12 million views collectively.

Check out the full film here.

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Freelance by James Tupper

A brilliant short animated film by James Tupper deals with the ups and downs of being a freelance motion designer.

Freelance began as a doodle of me running. At the end of an intense two month course on abstract visual effects in Houdini, I decided to step away from my desktop computer and practice some drawing. My only motivation was to take a short break from Houdini and learn some basics of frame-by-frame animation.”

“A few (obsessive) weeks later, I was left with an animated short film that dealt with the passions, challenges, and insecurities I have as a freelance motion designer. I’m still no better at drawing, but I’ve found value and joy in creating art in a medium where I’m not burdened by previous knowledge or experience.”

Check out the film and process here.

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Nike x Footlocker by One Hundred

Portland-based agency One Hundred was approached by Nike and Footlocker to celebrate the iconic swoosh logo. One Hundred enlisted nine animators who were invited to interpret the swoosh and classic footwear silhouettes, which included the Air Max 97, Nike Air Force 1, Nike Air Max Plus Tn and the React Element 55.

The nine animators and their animations in the spotlight are: Mason LondonTiago MajuelosDrew TyndellRuffmercyRobin VelgheThamiGrand ChamacoJulian Glander and Rodrigo Miguel.

It is fitting to celebrate the different styles and colourways of the legendary trainers in collaboration with people who will leave their own aesthetic and impact on their interpretation of what the shoe means to them. Although all of them are incredible and have their own style, my favourite one probably has to be Robin Velghe‘s, which celebrates the historic and timeless Air Force 1.

Be sure to check out more amazing work from these nine animators over on their Instagram pages.

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Disney Classics by 2veinte

Disney asked Design and Motion Graphics studio 2veinte to pay tribute to some of their most symbolic animation movies. “They selected a scene from each movie and asked us to recreate it in a minimalist and abstract way, using geometric and colour shapes.”

Part 1 includes classics like Toy Story, The Lion King, The Jungle Book and many more. Using simple shapes and colour palettes, 2veinte certainly did an impressive job of making the animations easy to identify which films are which. There’s not a single one where you don’t immediately know which film the animation is paying tribute to.

“For each movie we created a single and separated animation. This reel combines all nine of those animations altogether, as we added transitions between the movies for continuity and the build-up of one single story.”

Check out the full case study here.

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