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19th June 2018

Big Cat takes pride in latest appointment.

We are excited to announce our latest appointment by the city’s leading charity advocating for and supporting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities, Birmingham LGBT.

Big Cat has been selected as the lead creative working to launch a new partnership project between Birmingham LGBT and  Ageing Better in Birmingham, focusing on the LGBT community and their needs as they grow older.

We will spearhead the strategic direction and creative content output of the entire campaign, ‘Ageing with Pride’ which aims to encourage older LGBT people to embrace and celebrate being LGBT, dismantle ageism within the LGBT community and raise the awareness of older people in the community.

Big Cat Founder and Chairman Anthony Tattum who co-founded club night, S.L.A.G. standing for Straights, Lesbians And Gays in 1994 said, “We’re really excited to be adding Birmingham LGBT to our portfolio and Ageing with Pride is another great initiative from Birmingham LGBT to support and integrate the community in the city. We work with a lot of charities including Birmingham YMCA, Aspire Charity and most recently with Umbrella on a sexual health campaign which involved a great deal of research into the behaviours and attitudes of the LGBT+ community. As an agency we pride ourselves on doing good work for good causes.”

Research with older LGBT people has identified specific issues they may face which include social isolation, dependency on health care service providers and risk of prejudice.

James Wharton, Wellbeing Services Manager, Birmingham LGBT said, “Ageing is somewhat an elephant in the room within the LGBT community, largely due to the fact the commercial gay “scene” is incredibly young-centric. The consequence of this is, too often, older members of our community feel excluded from activities and leisure.

“Ageing with Pride aims to address this. And, thanks to the appointment of Big Cat by Birmingham LGBT, the creative materials of the campaign will be professional, impactful and memorable. They understand the message we want to get across and we can’t wait to work with them to do this in a compelling and creative way.”

The appointment comes as the UK celebrates Pride month across the nation.

Anthony continued, “While it is great to have this month to celebrate the LGBT community, there is still prejudice and discrimination going on and more awareness needs to be made. Older LGBT people have lived through much less tolerant times; it is an honour to be working on Ageing with Pride.”

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