21st June 2018

Charity to help its beneficiaries by using virtual reality.

Technology to will give disabled people ‘life’ experiences

Disability Action Yorkshire is going to be using virtual reality technology to help its customers prepare for transition to independent living by giving them foretaste of typical real-life situations like shopping and travelling. This digital technology will help to train and prepare people living with a disability to manage a range of everyday challenges, including shopping in a supermarket and travelling by public transport.

This fantastic project is a real demonstration of how AI is taking the world by storm. We’re seeing leading players in the market such as Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft using AI to simplify processes but it’s really inspiring to see how technology is making a life-changing difference to people who are disabled. At Big Cat we work with Aspire Charity, who support those with spinal cord injuries, so we really understand just how much impact technology like this can have on people’s lives. It’s exciting times as advancements in technology is starting to truly make a huge difference in supporting disabled people to live their lives and achieve their aspirations.

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