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22nd January 2021

Inbox in Action - January.

From Slump to Jump

Saying 2020 was a pretty tough year for some UK retailers in an understatement. However vaccine rollouts, increased savings and rises in consumer confidence could see positive recovery for retailers as the year goes on. E-commerce in certain sectors had a smashing 2020 and is still continuing to see growth, especially in the health & fitness sector.

January IIA

The Evolving Landscape of Fitness

Gyms too have had a rough time of it with repeated tier-dependent closures. Humans are and always have been social creatures, and as we get into 2021 people will once again be looking for those communities and opportunities to ‘escape’. Many fitness providers may opt for dynamic models of fitness for gyms- combinations of both in-gym and online classes.

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Food for Thought

Hospitality has demonstrated its unwavering strength and resilience in the face of its hardest year ever. Vaccine rollouts and reduction in Covid cases may see an opening up of hospitality in the manner we saw last summer, but with a more permanent feel to it. We may be in the industry’s lowest moment currently, but light is on the horizon.

January IIA3

A Moment of Charity

Last year, the proportion of the public giving to and volunteering for charity unsurprisingly declined. Planning for 2021 in certain senses means planning for the unknown, but listening to and understanding charity supporters’ motivations will make the challenge that bit easier. 

January IIA4

Pulling into Electric Avenue

Public transport may not be popular straightaway, but confidence in the vaccine as infections rates fall will help this. 2021 could be the year that electric transport takes off, especially if the £5billion government funding announced earlier in 2020 materialises.

January IIA5

Big Cat Podcast

2021 will see the birth of our Podcast! Our CEO Anthony will be interviewing some of the brightest and most prominent minds from the business side of the health & fitness industry. Stay tuned for more information coming soon!

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